Class Descriptions and Age Groups

The Dugout Rookies offers a variety of classes in our Northbrook facility to help young children develop skills on and off the field while learning to play the game of baseball.

Class sessions are 6-10 weeks in length depending on the time of year.   You can sign up for a full 6 – 10 week session or you can sign up for the remainder of the current session.  Sibling discounts are available.  Contact us through the contact page if you have more than one interested player in your family!  Please also note that class sizes are limited, so register today!

  • Pee Wees (Ages 2–3)
    In our Pee Wees Program coaches and parents work together to introduce the children to interacting and playing within a group setting. Players will strive to develop social and life skills such as sharing, turn taking and following directions. The main emphasis will be enjoyment through engaged activity. Gross motor skills are developed through the actions the kids perform during the program.
  • Mites (Ages 3-4)
    In our Mites Program coaches begin to introduce the game of baseball to the children. Age appropriate activities are utilized that involve hitting and running. Gross motor skills are further developed as the players engage in more advanced movements. Qualities such as turn taking and listening to instructions are facilitated more fully with rewards for commendable behaviors. The main emphasis is once again having fun. Enjoyment through more diversified activities and less parent involvement allows for the players to grow on their own and promote independence.
  • Pros (Ages 4-5)
    In our Pros Program coaches teach the fundamental skills of baseball such as hitting and catching. A combination of games and activities are used to instill the core aspects of the sport. The actions, movements and behaviors of Pee Wees and Mites are expanded further through the Pros program. The players are now much more independent and are confident in  showing mom and dad at home what they learned at the Dugout.
  • Stars (Ages 6-7)
    In our Stars program the players get a real feel for the game of baseball through more advanced skill work and small sided games.  An emphasis of competing will also be introduced. There will be a variety of fun games and contests to test the player’s skills and evaluate their growth.  The coaches will educate the players on how to celebrate a victory and also accept not winning by applauding others who perform well. By the end of the Stars program the Dugout graduates will be abundantly  prepared for U8 travel baseball if they so choose to but also that much more advanced in experiencing and partaking in life.